Emily Ross Ziporin

About EM Edition

Welcome to my lifestyle website EM Edition! I created this site for women and mothers like myself who are looking for a single online destination where they can learn and share information about parenting, health, beauty, food, fashion, home décor, travel… really any entertaining, enlightening or intriguing topic that feeds our mind, body and soul.

I named the website EM Edition because my nickname among family and friends is Em (short for Emily) and it means universal, industrious and striving, all qualities that the women and mothers who visit my lifestyle website embody. We juggle work and families while savoring those moments when we can indulge in our passions.

Life’s a whirlwind! Here’s your chance to pause.


About Emily

I am a writer, mother, entrepreneur and an enthusiast of fashion, home design, décor, travel, health, fitness, food…the list goes on…and on.

I love browsing the Internet when I have a free minute, and was looking for a website that covered all my favorite topics in one place…so I created it.

I hope other busy women and mothers enjoy EM Edition as much as I do!

Contact me at emily@emedition.com.