An Easter Basket Filled with Fun, Not Just Candy

Happy Easter to all the families celebrating! I loved this holiday as a child and now that I have a daughter, I can recreate some of my favorite experiences for her each year, like Easter egg hunts, egg decorating and, of course, waking up to an Easter basket.

I start with a vintage basket that was my mother’s, mine and now my daughter’s. This piece has held Easter chocolates, eggs, candy and gifts for more than 60 years!

Rather than overload my already energetic four-year-old with a lot of sugar, I opt for just a few simple chocolate eggs (she would eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between if I allowed her).

To fill out the basket, I use plush dolls, like the lamb and bunny here. Because my daughter is currently interested in telling time, I added a colorful watch (on the lamb’s wrist). The metallic pastel eggs are filled with Easter stickers (chicks and bunnies), and I added a few spring-themed wooden stamps from Melissa & Doug. For a bit of fun, I included a pair of soft pink bunny ears (that she will no doubt wear to school on Monday).