The Flat Boot: Kid-Friendly, Stylish Mother Approved

Boots have always been one of my favorite fall fashion buys, second only to a beautifully constructed jacket. I have always had an affinity for a high-heeled boot, but these days I am constantly on the run…after my wickedly fast three-year-old daughter. And, as a result, I’ve had to reassess my choice of footwear.

I learned this the hard way. Early last summer, I decided to wear a pair of Brian Atwood patent leather heels to walk my daughter to her dance recital rehearsal. I was tired of always being seen in running shoes (and workout gear) everywhere I went with her.

So, I slipped into those very gorgeous heels before leaving the house. My mother, who was visiting, and I began the short walk to the rehearsal venue. In true form, my little athlete took off like she was shot out of a cannon.

Ignoring my calls to stop, she neared a busy street and a series of parking lots. I whipped my head around towards my mother and said in a panic that only a parent understands, “I’m going to kick off these heels and run!”

Miraculously, my daughter stopped just as she reached the street. Maybe the countless hours spent teaching her to stop at the corner and watch for cars had worked, or maybe it was just luck. Regardless, I was scarred for life. Thoughts of her crossing into a busy intersection before I was able to reach her raced through my mind. “This is why I only, ONLY, wear running shoes!” I said to my mom.

That’s when I swore off the high-heeled shoe while in mommy mode*. But, it doesn’t mean I am going to be a walking fashion faux pas either. Luckily, this season stylish flat boots are aplenty. Think distressed and quilted leathers, rows of vertical buckles, richly colored suede and moto meets luxury.

Here are a few pairs on my love list:

Rag & Bone Hudson Buckle Boots (Shopbop)

Manolo Blahnik Kaganotta Buckled Mid Calf Biker Boot (Neiman Marcus)

Biker Suede Boot (J. Crew)

Aquatalia by Marvin K. AquaSweetie’ Short Boot (Nordstrom)

*I am currently carving out time in my calendar for date nights and evenings with my lady friends to wear my beloved Brian Atwood heels (and a new pair of Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals that are sky high)!