Holiday Card Craft for Kids

Since she was very young, I have encouraged my daughter to make holiday cards for our family and her friends. She loves art projects and this is a perfect one to keep her occupied during a winter afternoon in our home.

This year, I was inspired by a school art project in which the children painted their hands with brown paint and pressed them on to paper to create a reindeer. It was super cute, creative and personal.

So, off I went to a craft store for supplies. I found plan white cards that opened in the center. I loved this non-traditional card that we could tie with ribbon like a present.

I bought washable brown paint, a sponge brush, washable markers in traditional and metallic colors, clear gemstones to look like snow, washable glue and ribbon. As any parent knows well, WASHABLE is key!

Here’s a play by play of how we created the cards. It was easy, fun for my daughter and special for the card recipients (grandparents, cousins and friends).


Bottle of washable brown children’s paint

One sponge brush

Small flat paintbrush

Blank cards and envelopes of any color you desire (we used white)

Black washable marker for the hooves, eye and nose

Brown washable marker for the antlers and tail

Red washable marker for letters/red nose if your reindeer should be Rudolph

Washable children’s glue

Glitter, rhinestones, stamps, stickers and any decorative items you like

Ribbon to tie around the card


1. On a covered table or craft table, open the cards and turn them bottom side up.

2. Paint the palm of your child’s left hand with brown paint.

3. Have your child spread his/her thumb to the side and spread his/her other fingers to widen the space in between.

4. Press the painted hand onto the card.

5. Remove the hand and turn the card top side up.

6. Touch up any empty spaces between the fingers and the hand with the flat paintbrush and paint.

7. Repeat with the remaining cards. Allow the cards to dry before decorating.

8. With the black marker, draw the hooves, nose and eyes.

9. With the brown marker, draw the antlers and tails.

10. Depending on their age, help your child write a holiday message and his/her name.

11. Decorate with the glitter, rhinestones, stickers, whatever your little one’s heart desires.

12. Close the card and tie with ribbon.

Happy Holidays! Happy decorating!