Our Hot Pink Pumpkin Story

Part of the Halloween fun for kids is crafts, and the Internet provides thousands of images of perfectly decorated pumpkins, tissue paper ghosts, cotton swab skeletons and mummy mason jars. The creativity and talent that goes into these perfectly executed crafts is inspiring.

But sometimes you just need to let kids be kids and allow them to create on their own. No instructions, no pressure, no ideal outcome.

Today, I bought a bag of mini pumpkins and gourds with the idea that my daughter and I would transform these autumn favorites into witches, ghosts and mummies. Then I decided to just let my daughter paint these strange looking fruits as she felt inspired. And yes, I’m as surprised as you that pumpkins and gourds are actually fruits, not vegetables.

We may now have a hot pink mini pumpkin as part of our Halloween decor, but my daughter created to her heart’s content and I loved watching her having a fun-filled, stress-free afternoon.