My Abandoned Blog

Nearly three years ago I began the process of launching a blog. My idea was to provide busy mothers with a single destination where they could quickly read about a variety of topics – parenting, food, fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty and décor. I envisioned a destination that maximized the little time mothers have to catch up on important topics relevant to our lives while also providing an opportunity to enjoy some guilty pleasures.

I started off well by hiring a proper firm to design my web site and a law firm to ensure my company was legally sound.

Then, it came time for content. A writer by trade, I knew exactly how and what I wanted to write. I also had an idea for the images I wanted to feature. But, my initial attempts fell far from the web site of my dreams. The writing was dismissal and the images were BLAH! Throw in a state-to-state move, family situations and maintaining a communications consulting business on the side and suddenly my web site looked like an old abandoned ghost town.

I have never given up on my web site idea and my dream of providing entertaining and thought provoking content to mothers like myself. So, I am starting over with a renewed focus and excitement. Sometimes we set our dreams aside, but we can pursue them again and again until we get it right.