My Pregnancy Beauty Routine

Nixing my evening glass of wine or a stiff vodka rocks when out to dinner. Forgoing sushi and medium rare filets. Forget the morning jolt of caffeinated coffee. Skiing and cycling are out.

When I happily learned that I was pregnant again, five and a half years after my first child was born, I had to reacquaint myself with all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. This included my beauty routine. No botox, which I had tried, and liked, for the first time a year prior to getting pregnant. Laser treatments and chemical peels are frowned upon. Then, there are the everyday products one uses in the shower and at the bathroom sink.

While I didn’t go entirely organic and all-natural for my pregnancy beauty routine, I was careful to avoid ingredients that are on the hazardous list (Retin-A/retinol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are a few).

The first product I began using when the two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test was Burt’s Bees Mamma Bee Oil. I used it religiously during my first pregnancy, especially on my growing tummy. I didn’t have a single stretch mark after her birth, which I attribute in part to keeping my skin well-moisturized with this oil. But, I also exercised throughout my pregnancy (with doctor supervision) and ate healthy, which also helped keep the “tiger stripes” at bay.

My shower shelf has turned into an Honest Company Instagram post with the Truly Resorted Shampoo and Conditioner and lavender body wash. For a moisturizing boost, once a week I deep condition my hair with coconut oil. I massage it through dry hair and wrap the strands in a towel for an hour or two. Then I shampoo and rinse. I also like to mix coconut oil with sugar for a luxurious hand, foot, body and lip scrub.

For my face, I have continued to use Avène’s XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil. An esthetician at my favorite derm spa turned me on to this product when I had an episode of extremely dry and damaged skin and I have never turned back.

Half of my pregnancy has occurred during the fall and winter months when my skin gets very dry and flaky. Egyptian Magic is the organic answer to Vaseline. I love to put a touch on my lips, and at bedtime I coat my hands in it and put on a pair a cotton gloves.

I also use Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Serum and Hydrating Intense Night Cream morning and night. I love to slather the night cream on my face first thing in the morning, even before coffee and breakfast. It gives my skin a much needed boost of hydration.

Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil Light is another favorite. I use it around my eyes, on my face and cuticles.

And, my secret dry skin weapon has been my daughter’s Elephant-shaped humidifier. After using the humidifier overnight my face is better hydrated and less flaky.