A Round up of My Favorite Pregnancy Meals

Eggs, lentils, beans, oatmeal, avocado, Greek yogurt, salmon, sweet potatoes, berries, an array of vegetables, lean-meat proteins, nuts and lots of water. With my latest pregnancy, I was a research fanatic to ensure my unborn baby was benefiting from a nutrient-rich diet. Throughout the day, I aimed to eat meals rich in fiber, antioxidants, protein, calcium (the most difficult for me), vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. All essential elements for growing a healthy baby over a 40-week time period.

My diet was by no means perfect. I still had chocolate with my morning decaf coffee and every once in a while, I would break down and buy a bag of salty kettle potato chips.

I would like to say my diet was so healthy because of my exceptional willpower, but I would be lying. In fact, my body naturally rejected any foods that were heavy, greasy or too rich. A chuck/sirloin/brisket blend burger from my favorite neighborhood sports bar resulted in a swift case of debilitating nausea that had everything to do with grease and fat and not an unfortunate case of food poisoning.

Maintaining a healthy diet wasn’t always easy or fun. But, when I delivered my beautiful baby I was healthy and happy.

Here’s some of my favorite pregnancy dishes that were nutrient-dense and delicious:



Steel cut oats with warm berry compote and walnuts

Steel cut oats with peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate

Greek yogurt with warm berry compote and walnuts


Main Courses and Sides

Salmon with lentils, barley and cauliflower rice

Tuscan kale salad

Healthier chicken fried rice

Healthier chicken and dumpling

Roasted butternut squash with chili powder, paprika and sea salt

Veggie filled chili

Spiced, sautéed chickpeas


Snacks and Desserts

Baked apple with oatmeal and coconut sugar

Avocado socca

Banana split with Greek yogurt, berries and walnuts

Spicy, roasted pumpkin seeds



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