Stop the Catalog Madness!

Fa la la la la…and inundated with catalogs! For weeks, every time I open my mailbox, I find it stuffed with catalogs promoting every imaginable item – food, cookware, home décor, holiday décor, men’s/women’s/children’s clothes and accessories, toys, jewelry, etc.

I rarely peruse catalogs, preferring to search online. And, I am not a fan of the waste and feel guilty every time I throw out a stack without cracking a single page.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, companies distributed 11.9 billion catalogs in 2013. About half of these ended up in my mailbox…or so it seemed.

This year, I am determined to stop the catalog madness! Here’s how:

1. Despite what I heard years ago, catalogs can be recycled through most local curbside services. Please don’t throw them in the regular trash.

2. To prevent these paper promotions from ending up in my mailbox, I plan to sign up for a direct mail opt-out service like DMA Choice or Catalog Choice. These companies help consumers remove their names from marketing lists.

3. Some companies, like Crate & Barrel, have a Catalog Preference page on its website that allows consumers to specify how many times they receive catalogs and an option to stop paper catalogs entirely.